Taste Bud Touchdowns: Super Snacks for the Big Game

Taste Bud Touchdowns: Super Snacks for the Big Game

Publish Date December 29, 2023 5 Minute Read
Author MyMagazine Staff

Huddle up football fanatics and foodies alike! Create the ultimate game day experience with a mouthwatering lineup of snacks, appetizers and mains. From finger-licking wings to bowls of satisfying chili, these recipes will tackle hunger and keep you cheering through the final play. So, throw on your team’s jersey and get ready to indulge in an MVPworthy spread.

Recipe Roundup

Dips for Days

No watch party is complete without a dip or two for dunking and munching. Whether you’re looking for classic and cheesy or savory with a twist, these dips are game day ready.

Apps and Snacks

Get in the zone with a delicious offering of snacks and appetizers that’ll keep guests cheering.

Main Events

From sliders and tacos to chili, a game day spread wouldn’t be complete without these hearty and filling main dishes.

Sweet Treats

Complete your spread with football-themed sweet treats for a winning end-game touchdown.

Planning a Touchdown Tailgate Party

tablesape of football food and appetizers

1. Something for Everyone

Try to include at least one dish that can be customized for various diets, such as a potato tot bar! Set out potato tots along with toppings (like sour cream, green onions, bacon, tomatoes, cheese and guacamole) and let guests get creative.

2. A Homemade Touch

Keep desserts simple. You can easily dress up a cookie cake, brownies or cupcakes with icing in your favorite team’s colors.

3. Ready When You Are

Remember, you can order game day essentials online, including cheese platters, vegetable trays, wings and party subs, and pick them up in-store in as little as 24 hours.

DIY Decorations and Activities

tablescapeo of football bingo cards, football truffles and galsses of soda

While some folks are dedicated game watchers, others enjoy an activity to keep them entertained. Football-themed bingo cards are a fun way to watch the game and engage with fellow fans, turning the viewing experience into a friendly competition or social event.

Download Football Bingo Card

yellow and blue iced cupcakes

Decorate a chalkboard or slate food board with football play designs.

brown paper bags fill with trail mix

Use black markers to make brown paper bags look like footballs. Guests can use them to fill with snacks.