Holiday Charcuterie Boards and Coffee Bar

Holiday Snack Boards

Publish Date September 6, 2022 3 Minute Read

When it comes to entertaining, charcuterie boards are a must. They’re gorgeous, easy to assemble and can be adapted to fit any and every occasion. Whether starting the morning with a merry breakfast platter or ending the night with a delicious dessert board, we have the inspiration you need to get the party started. So, grab your favorite serving platter and let’s begin.

Holiday Snack Board Ideas

Assemble your favorite snacks to create a tasty Holiday platter. Use an assortment of cheese, meat, veggies and fruits to arrange an elegant board, or combine Holiday themes and decorations for something more festive. Either way, we have plenty of ideas to get you started.

Christmas Platters

Breakfast Charcuterie Board Ideas

Wake the family up to a memorable meal with a holiday-inspired breakfast or brunch board. Create a charcuter-tree by using heart-shaped waffles, fruit and bacon to design a tree shape. Turning the waffles point-side up, arrange 5 in a row near the bottom of the board. Add a layer of 4 waffles over the bottom layer, then a layer of 3, continuing until you reach 1 and the tree shape has come to life. Use the bacon to add the trunk, and a slice of star fruit as the topper.

Christmas Breakfast Ideas

Alternatively, you can skip the design and arrange the breakfast items on a board for all to enjoy. Start with the larger items first, like waffles and bagels, then fill in the gaps with the smaller items, such as fruit, sausage and bacon. Have fun getting creative with the items and designs because ultimately, it’s all about enjoying fresh, tasty food with family and friends.

Dessert Board Ideas

Indulging in sweets is one of the best parts about the season, so don’t be surprised if your dessert board becomes the focal point of the table. You can create a simple Christmas cookie tray filled with your favorite holiday cookies, such as Cranberry Orange Shortbread Cookies and White Chocolate Macadamia Cranberry Cookies, or serve up an extravagant selection of various treats for all ages. When it comes to offering Christmas sweets, there’s no going wrong. Here are a few of the items we included in our decadent dessert board:

Christmas Dessert Charcuterie Board

You can let guests get involved by asking everyone to bring their favorite dessert to the party, then arrange the sweets right before serving. Or skip the baking and create a candy charcuterie board with seasonal favorites and year-round classics. Choose a color theme – such as red, white and green – to ensure your candy board has a festive feel that matches the occasion.

Breakfast and Dessert Board Ideas

When it comes to entertaining, charcuterie boards are a must. Start the day with a breakfast platter or try a dessert board and coffee bar combo!

Build Your Holiday Snack Board

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