How to cut a Cantaloupe

How to Cut a Cantaloupe

Publish Date June 10, 2024 1 Minute Read

How to Cut a Cantaloupe

Unlocking the sweet, juicy goodness of a cantaloupe can be simple with the right technique. From choosing the ripest fruit to slicing it with ease, mastering the art of cutting a cantaloupe can ensure a sweet, bite-sized treat every time. Whether you’re craving a light snack, vibrant fruit salad or refreshing beverage, cut cantaloupe can help add the perfect refreshing taste to many recipes.

How to Cut Cantaloupe

Learn how to cut and cube melons with and take your knife skills to the next level.

First Things First

Before you get to cutting, you’ll want to be sure you choose a cantaloupe that feels heavy for its size, with a stem that gives a little when pressed. Color and smell are also important when picking the perfect cantaloupe. To help ensure peak ripeness, you’ll want to look for a cantaloupe with a tannishorange color and sweet aroma. Prep your melon like you would any other fruit by giving it a good wash under cool water.

Getting Back to How to Cut a Cantaloupe...

Once you’ve washed and dried your cantaloupe, you’ll want to choose the right knife for cutting. To make smooth, clean cuts, try using a chef’s knife. Place your cantaloupe on a wood cutting board and trim off both ends. Then position your cantaloupe on 1 of its cut ends and cut into fourths. Using a bread knife or spoon, scrape out the seeds. Once deseeded, cut off the rinds and slice the wedges into smaller wedged pieces. Continue to cut into cubes and repeat until your desired size is reached.

And there you have it. You’ve now mastered how to cut a cantaloupe into cubes. You can now enjoy your melon freshly cut or add to a food-safe container and save for later.

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