3 Ways to Better Your Bathroom Break

3 Ways to Better Your Bathroom Break

Publish Date October 5, 2022 3 Minute Read
Author Cottonelle

After nature calls, we all want to feel clean and fresh. The best way to do that is by picking the right toilet paper and wipes – the ones that are best for your pipes and the planet. Let’s check out 3 ways to better your bathroom break.

Pair Up for Freshness

If you’re looking for a fresher feel after using the bathroom, rethink your routine by using toilet paper and wipes. Together, they can leave you feeling fresh longer than using toilet paper by itself.

For TP, make sure you’re using a strong, absorbent product that doesn’t leave any residue that could bother your skin. Try rolls with a ripple texture that helps to remove more per sheet, like Cottonelle®. Follow that up with flushable wipes that have ripples and are made with water for a gentle, refreshing clean.

Choose the Right Wipes for Your Pipes

Just because you can flush any wipe doesn’t mean you should. In fact, most wet wipes are designed to be thrown away, not flushed. Look for those that are marked “clog-free” to avoid any problems with your pipes.

Also, make sure the wipes you choose are septic-safe and sewer-safe, meaning they begin breaking down immediately after flushing. Some, like Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes, even break up as fast as toilet paper.

Make Eco-friendly Choices

You’ll make Mother Nature proud by choosing toilet paper and flushable wipes made with FSC®-certified fibers. That means they’re responsibly sourced to prevent deforestation. Also, check to see if products are 100% plant-sourced and biodegradable. To further minimize your impact on the environment, choose products that are also free of harsh chemicals, dyes and plastic fibers, like Cottonelle® Toilet Paper and Cottonelle® Flushable Wipes. A peek at most labels and packaging should tell you which products fit the bill.

By following the tips above, you can better care for yourself, your pipes and the environment. Stop by your local Kroger or shop online to find the right toilet paper and wipes for you.