Central American cuisine is as diverse as the countries that occupy this area. While the foods may share names or ingredients, each region has its own distinct method and sabor. Get inspired by recipes with a Central American twist, shop traditional items, plus find savings on everything you need to put aromas inolvidables on your table.

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Make these delicious and easy chicken tamales. Watch the video and click here for step-by-step instructions.

Central American cuisine has so much to offer, including heart-healthy proteinas such as beans and rice, sweet and salty plantains, perfectly-spiced chicken and the subtle flavors of yucca and palm flower.

Its dishes feature Spanish-inspired especias – garlic, onions, cumin and chiles – blended with indigenous cooking techniques. A perfect example of this is the traditional Guatemalan dish chicken tamales, which is made in corn husks and seasoned with some of these familiar spices.

In Central American dishes, rice is typically served white. The differences between Mexican and Central American cuisine can be subtle. In Central American dishes, rice is typically served white and not yellow, and in Mexico, beans are often refried and blended instead of being served whole.

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