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Freshness is important to us – so much so that our produce must pass up to 27 quality standards to be good enough for you to take home. Because when it comes to fresh for everyone, we believe the juice is worth the squeeze. Be sure to check your store for produce sourced locally! Assortment varies.

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    Fresh. Healthy. Delicious. We source our large selection of high-quality fruits and vegetables from thousands of local suppliers. From fresh fruit, salad, juice, dips, and veggie trays, we have the fresh options you’re looking for. And so many ways to shop. Explore inside our store. Try fast home delivery, or choose pickup.

    Local Fruits & Vegetables

    Our fruit and vegetables are sourced from thousands of local suppliers and farmers. Together, we’re partners committed to freshness. We are proud to serve local fruit and vegetables and give your family the freshest choices. Our selection includes tropical fruits, pears, citrus, apples, grapes and much more.

    Organic Fruits & Vegetables

    Explore our large selection of organic vegetables and fruits. Our organic produce choices include carrots, lettuce, tomatoes, apples and more.

    Veggie Trays & Other Specialty Products

    Our fruit trays and veggie trays are perfect for your party or get-together. Try our snack trays with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, cheese and other snackable bites. Pre-made vegetable trays or made-to-order options make it simple and easy for you.

    Ways to Shop for Fruit & Vegetables

    Whether you shop inside our store, choose pickup, or get fast vegetable and fruit delivery, we can help stock your shelves with freshness. Find out more about ways to shop fresh fruit and vegetables now.

    Ways to Save on Fruit & Vegetables

    There are so many ways to get fresh fruit and vegetable deals. Check out our digital coupons and our weekly ad for great fruit and vegetables coupons you won’t want to miss.