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2020 Valentine's Day – Romantic Dinner for Two

Spending the night in with your sweetie? We’ve got everything you need to make a deliciously memorable meal for two.

Everything for Dinner Together

Bread & Pasta

Find hors d’oeuvres that will make your sweetie say, “I loaf you a whole lot."

Main Courses

Whether you’re choosing surf, turf or a bit of both, we’ve got ideas.

Side Dishes

Find an accompaniment for your dish that goes together like you and your special someone.

The Perfect Pair

This Valentine’s Day, take your meal to the next level with this wine and food pairing guide. From dry and full-bodied to light and sweet, explore and shop our favorite flavor matches below.

Drinks for Toasting

Uncork a special wine or bottle of bubbly, or check out plenty of nonalcoholic options.

Finish with Dessert

Cake, pie and more...sweets to share with your sweetie.

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