Creatively Kit Kat

Chocolate cake with Halloween-themed Kit Kat bars placed on top to resemble a spooky graveyard

Make your snack-size candy more than Halloween trick-or-treats by trying any of the following with Kit Kat’s new limited-edition pumpkin pie flavor.

  • Separate each bar into two sticks, then dip sticks in melted white candy coating. Let coating harden by placing sticks on a baking rack or sheet of waxed paper. Add two eyes with black decorating icing at the top end of each to make ghosts or mummies.
  • Place a snack-size Kit Kat flat-side-up for a smooth rectangular surface, easily transformed into a Jack-o-lantern face. Use black icing to make eyes, nose and mouth and green for the pumpkin stem. You can also dip the entire candy bar in melted white candy coating and after it sets, decorate the flat side to resemble the face of Dracula, Frankenstein or any other Halloween “monster.”
  • If you’re entertaining at a Halloween party, make edible place cards/party favors by dipping the Kit Kat in melted candy coating as directed above, then writing guests’ names on the flat side.
  • Separate candy bars into single sticks and insert a large marshmallow onto one end of each. Decorate the marshmallow to resemble the face of a Halloween monster, ghost or witch. Stick these Kit Kat lollies into cupcakes or enjoy as-is.
  • Frost a 13”x9”-inch cake with green and shades of gray to resemble a spooky graveyard. Use candies to transform the cake’s surface into a sea of tombstones, ghouls and goblins. Snack-size Kit Kats make perfect tombstones: Cut whole candy bar in half horizontally so wafers are still attached. Use decorating icing to write “RIP” or other tombstone-worthy phrases on the back side and place on frosted cake to mark graves.
  • This one is especially fun for little kids to assemble themselves: Separate candy bars into wafer sticks and create a scarecrow on a plate or platter using one stick for the body, two for legs and half-sticks for arms. Decorate a round vanilla sandwich cookie with a face for the head. Use decorating icing and small candies to give your scarecrow a hat, clothes and straw sticking out of the pants and shirt openings.