How Our Product Reviews Work

    Customers must log in to their account to leave a review, helping us ensure that they’re real people and not bots.

    We ask our customers to be upfront if they received any promotion that incentivized them to review. We also ask associates, contractors,vendors or anyone with a relationship to or pecuniary interest in Kroger to be up front about this in their review.

    Where an item has been purchased using a Kroger Loyalty ID and this same purchaser has left a review, we apply a “Kroger Verified Purchaser” label. This helps customers identify reviews by customers who have actually bought or used the product provided specifically by the Kroger Co. Family of Stores.

    Reviews that are not marked “Kroger Verified Purchaser” are also valuable. It just means we couldn’t confirm if the reviewer had purchased the product at one of the Kroger Co. Family of Stores at the price available to most of our shoppers or used the product before leaving their review. This is the case with reviews that were not originally submitted through a Kroger Co. Family of Stores site.

    All reviews submitted by our customers are independently moderated by our third-party review partner. They use fraud detection technology as well as manual analysis to monitor review content.

    We’ll never reject a customer’s review solely on the basis of a low star rating or negative sentiment, and we don’t edit or correct customer reviews, so the words you see are those of the reviewer.