How to Avoid Guilt & Feel Great About What You Eat

By: Anna Smith, MS, RDN, LDN

Let’s face it, there are a lot of food rules out there. And even worse, some of them are conflicting; one person says eggs are great while another tells you to avoid them. We know because we hear it from our customers daily. Food rules often lead to food guilt, which is, quite frankly, no fun. At The Kroger Co., we strive to create an environment where eating is for both enjoyment and nourishment. We want you to feel great about what you eat. Here’s how to get started:

Ditch the Food Rules

Yep, we said it. Time to let go of all those rules telling you how and when food should be eaten. Food can be for both celebration (mmm, birthday cake), supporting health (kale smoothie time) and just because (Friday pizza night, anyone?). Setting strict rules about what, when, where and how much to eat can cause extra stress that doesn’t serve our needs. We believe all foods fit, and being healthy doesn’t mean suffering when it comes to food choices.

Slow Down

Take advantage of the temporary shift toward living at a slower pace and adopt it as a permanent habit! At mealtimes, enjoy a moment to eat more slowly. Immerse your senses in all the delicious smells, exciting textures and yummy flavors your food has to offer. Slowing down helps you to be more present and mindful, leading to greater satisfaction at mealtimes.

Limit Distractions

Try turning off the TV and putting down the phone during meals. Tell email and Instagram they can wait. Limiting distractions allows you to focus on your eating experience. You may notice you enjoy your food more because you are savoring every tasty bite.

Kitchen Time

Dust off those pots and pans and fire up the stove burners, because it is officially time to get back in the kitchen again. Cooking meals can give you a much-needed sense of pride and accomplishment. Convenience cooking (hello, microwave) counts too! Feel free to save recipes with more culinary complexity for a rainy Saturday and keep weeknights fast and easy. Need some recipe inspiration? We have you covered!

Trust Your Body

It’s astounding when you think of all the human body can do! Run a marathon, heal from a surgery, grow a human – the list goes on. Your body is smart and capable. Resist the urge to override its cues telling you when you are hungry. If you are hungry, eat. If you are full, stop. If you want a snack, have it. Learning to trust your body’s signals can be a powerful tool in eliminating feeling guilty about what you eat.

This is a time of change, so why not embrace a new way to eat? Nourish your body, ditch the guilt and enjoy the food you eat. These tips can get you started, but it's OK to acknowledge that change can be hard.

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