5 Ways to Welcome Spring

Lemon and Limes in a glass jar on a table

I love making small changes to my home to welcome the coming seasons. Spring is one of my favorite seasons because it reminds me of flowers, fruit and sunshine. Below are some of my favorite ways to ring in the spring season.

  1. Display fresh lemons and limes in an apothecary jar: This is such an easy way to add some springtime to your home, and since you will likely eventually use the lemons and limes for something - it's not wasteful.
  2. Start your own herb garden: I am not one to have a green thumb, but this spring I am trying to start my own herb garden. I have mine by my sink and love the smell of fresh mint and basil while in the kitchen.
  3. Make a floral cocktail: My favorite floral cocktail is the lavender Collins. Not only is it a super tasty cocktail, it's very appropriate for spring as well!
  4. Put fresh berries and basil in ice cubes to spruce up your standard water: This is such an easy way to add some flair, and it's pretty for guests!
  5. Make a chilled soup: My favorite chilled soup is an avocado soup. I blend mine and chill it for an hour, which makes for an easy and quick lunch or snack. 

Add some life & color to your patio. Whether it be with colorful patio furniture or accessories, adding bright colors to your outdoor area will really bring some springy cheer.