No-Sew American Flag Photo Booth Backdrop Craft

A handmade American flag hanging outside created using long strips of red and white fabric that's tied to a hanging pole

Want to send guests home with a snapshot of their time at your July 4th gathering? This lovely DIY backdrop is all you’ll need to furnish a patriotic photo booth. 

All supplies can easily be found at a craft store if they’re not already on hand. If you don’t have fabric scraps hidden away, you can buy the red and white rectangles (dimensions depend on the size of flag you want for your backdrop) at a fabric store. The blue cloth could be a bandana or you can cut a square from an old t-shirt. And the stick? Find one in your backyard or wooded area.

One of the perks of this project is that it’s meant to look rustic. Your fabric cuts, potato-star stamps and fabric-to-stick knots can all look less than perfect. Precision not required! Just have fun and take pride in your colorful salute to the U.S.A.

Things You'll Need: 

  • Fabric scissors
  • Large rectangles of red and white fabric (one of each color)
  • Long stick or wooden pole
  • Square of blue fabric
  • Paring knife
  • Potato
  • White fabric paint
  • Hemp string or other strong rope


  1. Cut red and white fabric into long thin strips. You’ll want seven red stripes and six white.
  2. Tie the strips, alternating colors, to the stick or pole.
  3. Use a “potato stamp” for the stars on the blue fabric square. First, cut the potato in half, then cut the surface of one half into a star shape. Dip the star stamp in the white paint, then stamp stars onto the blue fabric to resemble stars on a flag.
  4. Tie two corners of the blue fabric onto the stick so it becomes the left-hand corner of your flag.
  5. Tie two ends of string or rope to the stick for hanging.