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Ben & Jerry's Moo-phoria Caramel Cookie Fix Ice Cream

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Vanilla with Salted Caramel Swirls and Shortbread Cookies. Welcome to Ben & Jerry's Moo-phoriaTM; where you can indulge in the chunks & swirls you love at just 150 calories per serving You know that moment when you come home from a long day, kick off your shoes, and are faced with yet another life-altering decision? Except this one isn't "Hmm... what exactly is that smell...?" or "Huh. Wonder what would happen if I started singing and tap-dancing in the middle of the grocery store?" or even "Is knitting sweaters for greyhounds a viable business plan?"-but a serious one: Salty or sweet? (We told you this was big.) Well, here at Ben & Jerry's we've answered that for you, with Moo-phoria Caramel Cookie Fix, packed with shortbread cookies and swirled through with salted caramel for a flavor experience that manages to satisfy both of those needs. But what's that thing about Moo-phoria, you ask? Wonder no longer: it's our new line of light ice cream, swirled and chunked just like the original-but for 150 calories per serving! That means even more euphoria for you. Dig in! Caramel Cookie Fix features Fairtrade-certified vanilla and sugar, eggs from cage-free hens, and organic milk and cream sourced from our Caring Dairy Program. It's not made with sugar substitutes or alcohols, and just like for our other flavors, we source non-GMO ingredients.

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