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Trolli Sour Brite Crawlers

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Sour Brites take that same wiggly, wormy shape and adds a touch of tingly sour flavor! Each long piece is slender with a segmented back pattern and rounded ends - just like the head and tail of a real earth worm! Don't worry, our Sour Brite Crawlers gummies may be shaped like true worms but they taste a lot better.

Each is sweet with a dusting of sour sugar that covers all sides. Each worm also comes in multiple colors so you can enjoy red, yellow, orange, blue and red or any combination of those fun hues! Our bulk gummy worm pack is convenient for birthday parties, school events and other gatherings. Enjoy sweet gummy worms with a hint of sour by taking a bite out of our Sour Brite Crawlers!

  • Lightly Coated with Sour Crystals
  • Trolli Large Brite Crawlers 5 Pound Bulk Bag
  • Large Size with a Chewier Texture