Let’s Talk Shop

Let’s Talk Shop

Publish Date June 14, 2023 5 Minute Read

Let’s Talk Shop

Take our quiz to see which way of shopping makes your life easiest

How do you feel about grocery shopping?

A. I love it! I like to go down every aisle.

B. It’s not my favorite thing…

C. It feels like another chore.

Do you like wandering the aisles for fun new finds?

A. Yes, I always find something new and exciting to try.

B. If I’m already in the store for something else, sure. But I wouldn’t go out of my way.

C. I’d rather find inspiration online or through the app.

Are you willing to pay a fee for convenience shopping?

A. Nope.

B. Sometimes.

C. Always.

How comfortable are you with technology?

A. I consider myself old school.

B. I’m comfortable with it, but I think it has a time and place.

C. I’m a techie for sure.

How important is picking out your own groceries?

A. I like to inspect everything myself, especially produce and meat.

B. I’d like to take a quick look at my groceries before leaving the store, but I don’t mind having someone pick them for me.

C. Not important at all.

If you chose mostly As…

In-Store Shopper

You’re a traditionalist who appreciates the sounds, sights and scents of shopping IRL (in real life). Plus, isn’t it always fun to stroll down our Seasonal Aisle?

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If you chose mostly Bs…

Pickup Shopper

You’re a timesaver who appreciates having your groceries selected and loaded right into your car. And remember, pickup is free on all orders of $35 or more.

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If you chose mostly Cs…

Delivery Shopper

You’re a convenience pro who prefers the timesaving efficiency of delivery. And with a Boost membership, you can enjoy unlimited free delivery on orders of $35 or more.

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Shopping tips from savvy shoppers

Smart Shopping Tips from Savvy Shoppers

Free Up Your Weekends

“I add items to my cart throughout the week and check out on Wednesday for a Thursday pickup. This helps me avoid the weekend rush with potential out-of-stocks.” –Amanda O.

Find the Best Deals

“When checking out online, look on the right side of your total. You can see if all relevant coupons have been applied — or if any are missing.” –Daniele C.

Get the Time Slot You Want

“I submit my order two days before my desired pickup day. That way I can reserve the time I want because the options are wide open.” –Annemarie D.

Work as a Team

“I love that my husband and I can both modify orders. So whenever he finds something we need, he adds it to the cart on his own phone.” –Kristina V.

Lighten the Load

“I use delivery for bulky staples like paper towels, toilet paper and even diapers. It’s so nice having these larger items left on our doorstep versus lugging them around the store and into my car.” –Jenna B.