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Shop by Diet: Explore Special Diet Groceries, Recipes & More

With so many food options on the market, it can be difficult to maintain a special diet plan. That’s why we encourage our customers to shop by diet and explore only the foods that support specific dietary needs. Whether you maintain a keto, gluten-free, organic, paleo or a different specialty diet, we’ve got the ingredients that you need to live life the way you want to. In addition to food, check out our special diet recipes to get inspiration for meals to fit every lifestyle.

Keto Diet Foods & Groceries

There are lots of foods you can eat while following a ketogenic diet and we have all the keto groceries you need to maintain your lifestyle. Shop keto ingredients such as lean ground turkey, chicken and keto vegetables, plus keto supplements, snacks and more.

Plant-Based Diet Foods & Groceries

Plant-based foods focus on fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains and seeds. We have all the plant-based groceries you need to keep your kitchen stocked. Shop dairy free alternatives, meatless alternatives, plant-based meals, snacks and supplements.

Paleo Diet Foods & Groceries

Paleo foods are centered on what was available to humans during the Paleolithic era. We have the paleo groceries you need to maintain your lifestyle, including paleo meat, paleo vegetables and paleo-friendly snacks. Shop fruits, vegetables, nuts and free-range or wild caught proteins.

Organic Foods & Groceries

Organic foods come from farms that comply with organic farming standards. We have all the organic ingredients that you need to maintain your lifestyle. Our organic groceries include organic meat and seafood, organic produce, organic eggs and snacks. We also provide organic baby food and other products that allow you to best support your lifestyle.

Gluten-Free Foods & Groceries

A gluten-free diet means avoiding wheat, barley, rye and other gluten-containing grains. We have the gluten-free ingredients you need to maintain your lifestyle. Shop gluten-free grains, gluten-free snacks and easy meals.

Kosher Foods & Groceries

Kosher foods conform to the dietary standards of Jewish law. If you keep kosher, we have all the kosher groceries you need to maintain your lifestyle, including kosher meat, bread, frozen foods and more.

Ways to Shop for Specialty Diet Foods

Don’t feel like going to the grocery store to pick up your food? No problem! You can shop by diet and order online for pickup or delivery. Certain items can also be shipped to your home.

Ways to Save on Specialty Diet Foods

Be sure to check out our weekly ad and digital coupons to save big on organic, keto, paleo and other diet-specific foods.